Is Pink Whitney Gluten Free? Know Before You Drink 

Is Pink Whitney Gluten Free

Vodka has been the OG party drink, and Pink Whitney has always been a popular pick. Its crisp, refined taste makes it everyone’s favorite, but celiacs tend to stay away from it, fearing gluten allergies. And most celiacs wonder about the gluten status of Pink Whitney or is Pink Whitney gluten free? 

Quick Answer

New Amsterdam, the company that makes Pink Whitney, has declared it gluten free. They make Pink Whitney and all other vodkas using corn, making the drink safe for people having issues digesting gluten.

But only the absence of barley or wheat does not make a drink safe for celiacs. There is more to learn about the manufacturing process and all other safety precautions. I’ll mention all those in this article, so keep reading to find them out. 

Is Pink Whitney Gluten Free Or Not? Is There Any Risk Of Gluten Getting Added In It? 

Is Pink Whitney Gluten Free Or Not

Pink Whitney is gluten free, as declared by New Amersterdam. As per their statement, Pink Whitney is made from corn instead of gluten grains, so it should be safe for people having issues digesting gluten. 

Moreover, the manufacturing steps involve five times distillation, and we know distillation gets rid of all heavy substances like gluten. But New Amsterdam makes other alcohols apart from Pink Whitney, which may have gluten. 

I am not sure if they make Pink Whitney in a separate facility using separate utensils or not. Therefore, it’s hard to tell if the drink is entirely safe for celiacs or not. Cross-contamination can be a potential risk in making Pink Whitney, so drinking it may not be the safest decision. 

What Ingredients Make Pink Whitney So Unique Tasting? 

Pink Whitney drink all bottles

Unfortunately, New Amsterdam hasn’t revealed the entire ingredient list of Pink Whitney on their website. They have just said that the vodka has a pink lemonade flavor, so I guess it must have some citrusy ingredient to bring in that flavor. The absence of such a list also makes it confusing for us who can’t digest gluten. 

They might use artificial flavoring after the distillation, which may have gluten. 

Is Pink Witney Healthy? What Is The Calorie Count? 

Is Pink Witney Healthy

No, Pink Whitney is not a healthy drink and should only be limited to occasional consumption. One shot of this vodka contains 100 calories and almost 7 grams of sugar which is way more than regular unflavored vodka. 

Consuming it regularly may spike your blood sugar levels and also lead to excess weight gain in addition to other health issues. 

What About Other Vodkas? Are All Vodkas Gluten Free? 

Are All Vodkas Gluten Free

Vodka is a gluten free drink. Unflavored vodka, even though made from barley or wheat, is gluten free because all makers follow distillation. But unflavored vodka may not be gluten free. The flavorings are added after the distillation, and these flavors may contain gluten. 

So, it’s best to have unflavored, plain vodka to avoid gluten allergies. Never forget to read the ingredient list while buying vodka, as it’s the only way to detect gluten in any liquid or other food items. 

Is There Any Gluten Free Alternative To Pink Whitney? 

There isn’t an exact substitute to Pink Whitney, but there are so many gluten free vodka brands made using hops, rice, and other gluten free grains. Here is the list of a few of them- 

Pink Whitney Gluten Free Alternatives

#1. Bombora vodka

Bombara vodka is gluten-free because it is grape-based. Since it’s a grape-flavored vodka, it has a slightly tangy taste making it slightly similar to Pink Whitney. Bombora Vodka makes only grape vodkas, so the fear of cross-contamination is also absent. 

#2. Broken Shed Vodka

Celiacs can delightfully taste the premium Broken Shed vodka worry-free. Their vodka is made from purest New Zealand mineral water, high-quality distilled whey, and spring water. Apart from being gluten free, there are no additives and added sugar, making it better than most other vodkas. 

#3. Cayman Blue Vodka

The brand makes Cayman Blue Vodka with a unique combination of sugarcane and spring water. It’s a distilled spirit, so ideally, it is gluten free. The gluten free status is further authenticated by the GFCO certificate that proved that the vodka contains less than 10ppm gluten which is safe for even celiacs. 

#4. Deep Eddy Vodka

Deep Eddy’s original vodka is made from corn, and the makers don’t use any gluten grains. It is available in seven more flavors- peach, lime, lemon, cranberry, ruby red, orange, and sweet tea and all of them are gluten free. 

#5. Grand Teton Vodka

Last but not the least, the Grand Teton vodka has made it to our list of best gluten free vodkas. They make their vodka with Idaho potatoes without adding any gluten grains. The company does not make wheat based alcohol, so cross-contamination should not be a risk. 


Even though Pink Whitney does not have barley or wheat, there is a risk of cross-contamination. There is no clear indication that this is a certified gluten free vodka. So go for the alternatives, or try making a pink lemonade cocktail using plain vodka. 

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Is Pink Whitney Dairy Free? 

Yes, Pink Whitney is dairy free. It’s a lemonade-flavored vodka that does not require any dairy ingredients. 

Where Is Pink Whitney Made? 

New Amsterdam is a US based company, and they make Pink Whitney across the country. 

Is Smirnoff Pink Lemonade Gluten Free? 

Yes, Smirnoff Pink Lemonade is gluten free. They make all their flavored and unflavored vodka gluten free. 

Is Svedka Gluten Free? 

Svedka is made from wheat, but vodka is considered gluten free because distillation removes any gluten particles present in the drink. 

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