Is Everclear Gluten Free? Revealing The Truth. 

Is Everclear Gluten Free

We know that following a gluten free diet isn’t easy, but what is more complicated is finding gluten free liquor. 

Most liquors are made with barley or wheat, which makes celiacs avoid them. But a continuous hype about Everclear being gluten free has been circulating for ages. Is it true? Is Everclear gluten free? 

Quick Answer

Yes, Everclear is absolutely gluten free. The alcohol is made from corn which is not a harmful grain for celiacs. Plus, Everclear undergoes repeated distillation which purifies the liquor even further. 

Let’s go ahead and learn in detail about Everclear, the manufacturing procedure, and more. This information is crucial for anyone trying to avoid gluten. 

What Makes Everclear Gluten Free? Can Celiacs Drink It? 

What Makes Everclear Gluten Free

As I mentioned, Everclear is a corn-based drink, and we know that corn isn’t a gluten grain. The makers don’t use any other harmful grains like wheat or barley, so celiacs should be able to have Everclear. 

Everclear is also known as grain alcohol. This term has raised concerns over the years, making people question the gluten status. 

However, there is nothing to be concerned about because Everclear is not only made from a gluten free grain (corn), but also undergoes distillation

Distillation is a process that gets rid of all heavy substances and impurities from alcohol. Since gluten is a heavy substance, it gets removed during the process. 

According to Beyond Celiac, distilled alcohol is entirely safe for anyone having issues digesting gluten. 

Everclear is distilled not only once but multiple times to reach the highest level of alcohol concentration. So this is another relief that this won’t cause any allergic reactions. 

But it’s always better to talk with an expert or someone who is also gluten intolerant. You can ask their opinion about Everclear, if they have tried it or not and how they like it. 

Talking to someone you can relate to always helps. 

Let’s Take A Deep Dive Into Everclear: Its Ingredients & Manufacturing Procedure 

Ingredients in Everclear

Everclear, also known as rectified spirit, grain spirit, or neutral spirit, is produced by an American company Luxco

Everclear has an extremely high concentration of liquor. The liquor is available in four varieties- 60%, 75.5%, 94.5%, and 95% alcohol concentration. 

Everclear hasn’t revealed their complete manufacturing process of the drink. So we know only that it’s a distilled drink made with corn. 

Since there aren’t any other flavors of Everclear, the chances of gluten contamination through added flavor aren’t there as well. 

The plain crisp taste of Everclear makes it a great ingredient to add to cocktails. 

Is Everclear Healthy And Vegan? 

Is Everclear Healthy And Vegan

Yes, Everclear is vegan. It’s a grain alcohol, so there are no animal derivatives to be concerned about. So vegans don’t have to think twice before getting a drink. 

But should you drink Everclear? Is it healthy? 

The high alcohol concentration makes Everclear an unhealthy drink. Because Everclear is cheap compared to other alcohols, people prefer drinking it. 

But the package label itself warns consumers about the negative impact it can have on their health. Even drinking a very small amount of Everclear is dangerous for you. 

The very high alcohol concentration can lead to alcohol poisoning due to overdose. This can even lead to your death. 

Other risks of consuming Everclear include liver issues, brain damage, risk of developing cancer, and soft tissue damage. Drinking Everclear also increases the risk of vehicular accidents. 

Everclear is one of the nine strongest alcohols in the world. So drinking even the smallest amount can get you drunk without making you even realize it. 

It’s also very high in calories. Only a single shot of Everclear contains 250 calories. The calorie count goes even higher if you mix it with other drinks. So whether you drink it neat or as a cocktail, either way, Everclear isn’t safe for you. 

Can You Find Similar Drinks To Everclear? 

Similar Drinks Like Everclear

Yes, there are similar drinks to Everclear with a high concentration of alcohol. St. Vincent Rum 169 Proof, Stroh Rum 160 Proof, and Bruichladdich X4 Quadrupled Whiskey 184 Proof are some of the closest alternatives to Everclear. 

But it’s better not to consume them. As the alcohol percentage is equally high in these, they will increase the risk of various diseases. 

Therefore, I would recommend you find other gluten free drinks. Consuming those drinks in moderation won’t create any issues, and you don’t have to worry about catching some fatal disease. 

Some of the best gluten free liquors gluten sensitive people can try are- Tito’s Vodka, Jack Daniels, Cointreau, etc.  

Concluding Thoughts 

So what’re your thoughts on Everclear? Will you drink it knowing that it’s gluten free? 

I would say it’s better to stay away from Everclear because even though the drink fits in a celiac diet, its high alcohol concentration makes it unhealthy. 

There are lots of health risks involved with Everclear, so it’s best to find some healthier alternatives. 

There is lots more to learn while eating gluten free. Nothing Gluten will help you eat clean and safe, so keep following and wait for the next post!


What Are The Best Gluten Free Alcohol? 

Tequila, brandy, and rum are the best gluten free alcohol. All these are distilled spirits, so people with trouble digesting gluten can have them. 

Is Triple Sec Gluten Free? 

Yes, Triple Sec is gluten free. It’s an orange peel flavored liquor with a Cointreau base, and there are no wheat/barley-based liquors. 

Is Blue Curacao Gluten Free? 

Blue Curacao is made from Lahara fruit, which is a bitter citrus fruit and is gluten free. But the blue color of the alcohol comes from the added color. Color is added after the distillation, which may or may not be gluten free. 

Is Whiskey Gluten Free? 

Yes, pure distilled whiskey is gluten free, even if it is made from wheat, barley, or rye. The distillation eliminates gluten, making it a celiac-friendly liquor. 

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