Is Granola Gluten-Free? Here’s What You Should Know

Is Granola Gluten-Free

From cookies to bars, granola is everywhere, and for a reason. It’s delicious, healthy, and offers loads of benefits to your body. However, people on a gluten-free diet are often afraid of having granola. Do you also want to have granola but wondering, “is granola gluten-free”?

Most store-bought granola products are not gluten-free. Granola bars, cereals, and other products also contain ingredients like wheat that induce gluten, and celiacs cannot have it. However, not all granola products contain gluten.

Keep reading this article to know more if you can have granola on a gluten-free diet or if you should avoid having it.

Is Granola Gluten-Free?

Is Granola Have Gluten

It depends on the ingredients present in the granola product. Most granola products you find in the stores are not gluten-free, therefore, you cannot have them. Always look at the label of the granola products to know if they contain anything like wheat or more which are gluten-containing ingredients.

Why Does Granola Have Gluten?

Why Does Granola Have Gluten

Granola, in its natural form, is gluten-free. However, several other ingredients are also present in granola products, which induce gluten. Cross-contamination is another reason why granola products contain gluten, and people on a gluten-free diet cannot have most varieties of granola.

A brief history of granola 

Granola or granula came into existence in the 19th century in the United States. Invented by Dr. James Caleb Jackson in New York, granola is widely used in numerous health products out there. 

From protein bars to cookies, and more, you will find granola in almost everything, and that is why it is a point of concern for celiacs. 

What Are The Ingredients In Granola?

The ingredients in granola vary from brand to brand and recipe to recipe. However, there are some common ingredients you’ll find in most granola products available in your nearby grocery stores. These ingredients are: 

Some granola brands also use whole wheat grain as one of the ingredients. 

Is Granola Dairy-Free?

Is Granola Dairy-Free

Depending on the brand and ingredients, granola may or may not be gluten-free. It is suggested to go through the list of ingredients to know if the granola cereal or products you want to eat are dairy-free or not.

Some brands also list dairy-free on the product label, so always have a look at the label before consuming any product. The granola should be free from milk proteins, butter, and other additional protein supplements. 

Gluten-Free Granola Brand You Must Try 

There’s good news for people on a gluten-free diet that want to have granola. There are some brands that manufacture gluten-free granola that you can have without worrying about allergies or irritations. 

Gluten-Free Granola Brand

Below I’ve listed some granola cereal brands you can try:

1. Bob’s Red Mill 

Bob’s Red Mill is an extremely popular cereal brand with a wide variety of options. If you want to have gluten-free granola cereal that tastes great and is healthy, you can trust this brand. Here are a few kinds of cereal you must try:

  • Gluten-Free Coconut Spice Homestyle Granola
  • Gluten-Free Honey Oat Granola
  • Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Homestyle Granola

2. Bakery on Main

Bakery on Main is another granola cereal brand with a good reputation. Founded in 1992, the brand is popular for creating delicious gluten-free and celiac-friendly breakfasts. Also, there are no chances of cross-contamination since Bakery on Main has a dedicated facility to manufacture its cereals.

Some of their popular cereals are:

  • Decadent Monster Cookie
  • Grain-Free Maple Vanilla
  • Walnut Raisin Apple Granola
  • Extreme Nut & Fruit Granola

3. Purely Elizabeth

Purely Elizabeth is a brand that offers a range of healthy products, including granola cereals. Also, their cereals are certified gluten-free, and you will find it mentioned on the product labels as well. Apart from taste, gluten-free cereals are healthy, and you feel full after having a bowl. Some gluten-free cereals from Purely Elizabeth are:

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola
  • Coconut Cashew Grain-Free Granola
  • Original Ancient Grain Granola
  • Vanilla Chocolate Chip Ancient Grain Granola

Can You Make Gluten-free Granola at Home?

Gluten-free Granola at Home

Yes, it is possible to make gluten-free granola at home if you don’t prefer the store-bought one. Here is a detailed recipe to make delicious granola at home. Gather all the ingredients I’ve listed, mix them well, and you have ready-to-eat granola.


You should use rolled oats or old-fashioned oats since they have a perfect texture for granola. Quick oats aren’t that good because they are not as conducive as you would need for granola. On the other hand, steel cut oats are too crunchy to be used in granola.

Pumpkin Pie Spice 

I prefer using the pumpkin pie spice classic blend since it contains everything required in granola. 

Flaxseeds Meal 

Using a flaxseeds meal makes the granola cereal healthy. Make sure to use ground flaxseeds and not the whole seeds. You can also grind flax seeds yourself to a perfect blend. 


When toasted with oats, coconut tastes great. You can add some coconut to the recipe and make the granola taste amazing.

Some other ingredients include:

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, and you have your homemade granola cereal ready to eat. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is granola OK for celiacs?

A: It depends on the granola product and the ingredients it contains. People on a gluten-free diet can have granola if it is free from whole wheat and other such ingredients. There are plenty of amazing granola cereals you can have on a gluten-free diet.

Q: Does Quaker granola have gluten?

A: Yes, Quaker granola has gluten because of the other ingredients present in the cereal. If you follow a gluten-free diet, you should avoid having Quaker granola.

Q: Is granola vegan?

A: Most brands claim that they offer vegan granola, and it is true up to some extent. Make sure not to have granola products that contain honey since it is not vegan. Always go through the product label to ensure the granola is free from honey.

Final Thoughts

Granola in its natural form, i.e., without any additives like wheat, is gluten-free. However, it would be great to check the product’s label to understand the ingredients before having it. Even people on a gluten-free diet can have granola safely without any irritations and allergies. You can also try the homemade granola recipe I’ve listed in this article. 

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