Is Maple Syrup Gluten Free? Our Take On The Truth.

 Is Maple Syrup Gluten Free

Collected from the North American maple trees, maple syrup is a sweet watery liquid that we use commonly in pancakes, breakfast cereal, ice creams, and more. The recent surge of people going gluten free has put every food item into question. 

People are now questioning if maple syrup is gluten free. Can they add maple syrup to their everyday diet? 

Pure maple syrup in its natural form is entirely gluten free. People with gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease can consume natural maple syrup without any fear. However, before laying your hands on a product, make sure to check the gluten free label as there are always chances of cross-contamination. 

If you want to have detailed knowledge about maple syrup and how it is gluten free, keep reading this article till the end. 

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Maple Syrup: What Is The Hype About It? 

Maple syrup is the sweet liquid extract that we can extract from the roots and trunks of maple trees. Red maple, sweet maple, and black maple are the three tree varieties from where you can extract maple syrup. 

The indigenous people of North America had used maple syrup for the first time, and currently, people use it globally. Canada and the US are the two main places that produce the majority of maple syrup used worldwide. 

Maple syrup has a naturally sweet taste; hence there is no added sugar in it. I love adding maple syrup to my waffles and porridge, and I know many people do too. How do you eat your maple syrup? 

Is Maple Syrup gluten free? 

Is Maple Syrup have gluten

People with gluten insensitivity or Celiac disease often are curious about what they are eating, and when it comes to maple syrup, they have the same question. Is maple syrup gluten free? 

Maple syrup is gluten free as there are no gluten substances in its natural form. Maple syrup is collected from the sap of trees that has no gluten. Gluten mainly creates a stretchy/elastic consistency in food items, and it is not the case with maple syrup.

As also said in the above section, manufacturers collect maple syrup from the trunks and roots of maple trees. These maple trees are completely different from gluten producing trees like rye, barley, etc., so they are gluten free. Maple syrup is also a healthier option than other sugar syrups. 

However, artificially created maple syrup may not be gluten free all the time. Companies add gluten to enhance the consistency and flavoring. Therefore, if you want a pure gluten free maple syrup, don’t forget to check the ingredient list. 

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What Is Gluten? Why Is It Bad For You? 

Gluten is a naturally found protein in grains like wheat, barley, rye, etc. Gluten is naturally occurring, but we can extract and preserve it to add to other dishes. Gluten gives elasticity and shape to food items. 

Gluten isn’t bad for everyone. Some people can consume gluten containing food items every day while others can’t handle it. People with gluten insensitivity can’t digest gluten, and it can make its way to the small intestine. 

Ultimately, you can experience health issues like indigestion, nausea, diarrhea, bloating, headache, and bad gut health. If you have Celiac disease, it’s better if you stay away from anything with gluten. 

Is Maple Syrup Safe For People With Celiac Disease? 

As maple syrup is gluten free, it is safe for people with Celiac disease. Even people with gluten sensitivity can have maple syrup without the fear of falling sick. But the maple syrup you are consuming has to be completely natural without any cross-contamination with gluten. 

You can have maple syrup with your pancakes, oats, and cereal and add it to some recipes as well. 

Gluten free Maple Syrup Options: Our Top Picks 

The market offers two types of maple syrup- pure maple syrup and maple syrup with additives. Whenever you pick an item, you should pick the one that says “pure maple syrup.” 

Some items will also have labels saying “maple syrup,” meaning there are no other ingredients added. If the label does not say pure maple syrup, it may have added gluten or other preservatives. 

Gluten free Maple Syrup Options

The key to picking the right maple syrup is checking the ingredient label. Thoroughly go through the ingredient label on the back of the bottle. If you find anything that says gluten, keep it back on the rack. 

Here are some brands that make gluten free maple syrup- 

  • Maple Grove Farms Pure Maple Syrup (it has only one ingredient: pure maple syrup) (check product). 
  • Kirkland Signature Maple Syrup. (check product
  • Great Value Maple Syrup, 100% pure maple syrup. (check product)
  • wildflower Organic Maple Syrup, 100% pure gluten free. (check product
  • Nokomis Pure Canadian Maple Syrup (check product)
  • Runamok Maple Cinnamon-Vanilla Infused Maple Syrup. (check product)

The maple syrup of these brands is absolutely gluten free, so you can pick them without raising your eyebrows. 

How To Prepare Homemade gluten free Maple Syrup? 

If you still are not sure about getting your maple syrup from the store and want to prepare one by yourself, you can definitely do that. I am going to share my grandmother’s old recipe for maple syrup. It tastes divine, and you need just a few ingredients. So let’s get started- 

Homemade gluten free Maple Syrup

Pure homemade maple syrup recipe- 


  • ½ cup sugar 
  • ½ cup brown sugar 
  • ½ tablespoon maple extract 
  • ½ cup water 

Cooking method 

  • Turn the stove on medium heat. 
  • Take a saucepan 
  • Add both white and brown sugar, water, and maple extract 
  • Keep stirring and boil it for 3 to 4 minutes. 
  • Turn off the stove and store in a jar or bottle. 

Nutritional facts of my homemade gluten free maple syrup- 

Calories Per 25
Toral fat0g
Trans fat0g
Saturated fat0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Carbs 8g
Sodium 0mg
Protein 0g


Maple syrup is gluten free, so people on gluten free diets or who are sensitive to gluten can eat it. But the bottom line is that not every maple syrup you see in the market is gluten free; therefore, make sure to check the ingredients before buying one. 

Do you have any other questions about gluten free maple syrup? Let us know in the comments!


Can maple syrup replace honey? 

Yes, maple syrup is one of the best alternatives to honey. It has the same sweetness and texture as honey. 

Is maple syrup healthy? 

Maple syrup is very high in sugar, so it may not be the healthiest sweetener to go for. 

Is maple syrup gluten free? 

Yes, maple syrup is absolutely gluten free. Maple plants are completely different from plants with gluten substances. 

Is artificial maple syrup gluten free? 

Artificial maple syrup isn’t always gluten free. Brands may include gluten for taste and texture enhancement in artificial maple syrup. 

Which brands make gluten free maple syrup?

Some of the brands with gluten free maple syrup are- Kirkland Signature Maple Syrup, Great Value Maple Syrup, WildFour Organic Maple Syrup, Nokomis Pure Canadian Maple Syrup, etc. 

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