Is Brandy Gluten Free? Know It, Before You Sip

Is Brandy Gluten Free

The alcoholic beverage, brandy, distilled from fermented fruit mash or wine, has been popular for years. There are mainly three categories of brandy- traditional brandy like cognac, and pomace brandies, which are made from pressed grape skins. And the fruit brandies. 

But can celiacs have these brandies? Is brandy gluten free? 

Yes, pure distilled brandy is always gluten free. Moreover, brandy is mostly made from grapes that don’t contain gluten. But be careful of hidden gluten cognac that adds additives and flavors after the distillation. 

Let’s dive deep and see what can make brandy unsafe for celiacs and how to find out hidden gluten in brandy. So let’s begin- 

Is Brandy Gluten Free Or Not? Explained

Is Brandy Gluten Free Or Not

Only pure distilled brandy is gluten free. Brandy is made by distilling grapes, wines, or other fruits, and we know that the distillation eliminates all impurities and heavy substances like gluten. But considering a brandy gluten free becomes complicated when it comes to the flavored ones. 

Flavorings get added after the distillation process inducing the risk of gluten contamination. Finding the gluten status of these natural or artificial flavors is not easy. Flavors often don’t come with a clear declaration of their compounds. 

But most flavors are wheat based or barley-based. And we all know that wheat and barley are the main culprits causing gluten allergy. 

Unlike food manufacturers, alcohol producers don’t need to list their ingredients, so you’ll never know what flavorings or additives these makers use. But that does not mean that you can consume cognac or brandy. 

Celiacs or people unable to digest gluten should only pick the unflavored brandy. These are purely made from fermented fruit or wine that contains zero gluten. The double distillation process further ensures no such impure substance remains in the liquor. 

What Are The Ingredients In Brandy?

Ingredients In Brandy

The key ingredient in brandy is grapes or other fermented fruit. Sometimes a combination of mashed fruits and wine is also used to make it. After the fermentation, the liquid is aged in wooden barrels to deepen its flavor and color. 

Flavored brandies contain other ingredients. Since liquor producers don’t reveal their secret recipes, it is hard to know the list of other ingredients they add to achieve their unique taste. 

Gluten-Free Brandy Brands: Recommended By Celiacs 

Recommended Gluten-Free Brandy Brands

Here is a list of braids that is safe to add to a no gluten diet- 

#1. A.E Dor

A.E Dor is a reputed cognac brand that’s been in the liquor industry for more than seventy years. They have multiple options to choose from, and all of them are made without using any wheat or barley. 

#2. Borderies

This is a pure grape brandy made in the traditional way. Celiacs or those having issues digesting gluten can drink Borderies without fearing allergic reactions. 

#3. Cointreau 

Cointreau is another one of the safest options for celiacs. This orange based triple sac cognac has a bitter sweet taste and is wheat or barley free. Cointreau is made from orange peels, water, and sugar. 

#4. Hennessy 

Hennessey is another great gluten free cognac. The main ingredient in Hennessey is grapes, and it undergoes distillation as well, which eliminates any heavy substance. 

#5. Martell Cognac 

Martell Cognac is another best brandy company for celiacs. It’s one of the oldest French Cognac houses, founded in 1715. Martell Cognac is also a common ingredient in most cocktail recipes. 

When Does Brandy Contain Gluten?

When Does Brandy Contain Gluten

When a brandy has added flavorings and additives, it contains gluten. Most of these additives are made from either wheat or barley, making it unsafe for anyone having issues digesting gluten.

Therefore, always pick either plain/ original brandy or a brand that claims itself as gluten free. But there is also the risk of cross-contamination, which could occur during the aging process. If producers use common barrels where they age both gluten free and gluten containing liquors, the brandy becomes unsafe for celiacs. 

Tips To Avoid Gluten Allergies When Having Brandy 

Tips To Avoid Gluten Allergies When Having Brandy

Here are some tips you can follow to avoid gluten allergies while having brandy- 

Pick Unflavored Brandy 

Always go for unflavored plain brandy. The unflavored options are made from grapes or other fermented fruits. These don’t usually contain wheat or barley. Plus, the double distillation process removes further impurities like gluten, making the liquor safe for gluten allergic people. 

Go For Gluten Free Brands 

Brands that don’t use any gluten additives or flavor will declare it on their website and packaging. Such brands follow a proper manufacturing process and ensure that no cross-contamination takes place. 

You no longer need to worry about gluten allergies when you consume brandy from such brands. 

Ask For Advice 

Ask your dietician or someone you know who has gluten intolerance about safe brandy companies for celiacs. Their advice will surely help you avoid gluten in brandy. 


Q: Is E&J Brandy Gluten Free? 

A: E&J Brandy makes flavored brandies like- vanilla, peach, apples, etc. These flavors may contain gluten, so you should avoid them if you are gluten free. 

Q: Is Cognac Gluten Free? 

A: Yes, pure distilled cognac is gluten free. Cognac is made from white wine or fermented grapes, and these don’t contain gluten. 

Q: Is Courvoisier Brandy Gluten Free? 

A: Yes, Courvoisier brandy is gluten free. The makers have declared that all their products are gluten free lactose free, and do not contain any animal product. 

Q: Is Grand Marnier Cognac Gluten Free? 

A: Yes, Grand Marnier cognac is gluten free. You can see a complete guide on Grand Marnier and its gluten status here

Wrapping it Up 

I know being selective about everything you eat can get on your nerves. But it’s the only way to avoid gluten, and the same is true for brandy as well. Hopefully, the information was enough to educate you about brandy and its gluten status. 

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