Is Guinness Gluten Free? Is It Safe For Celiacs?

Is Guinness Gluten Free

The question every gluten allergic person has when they see or hear about a beer is if it’s wheat and barley free. The same is true for Guinness, and people on a no gluten diet want to know, is Guinness gluten free? 

Sadly, Guinness is not gluten free. Guinness is made from barley since it’s not a celiac or gluten-sensitive friendly beer. Consuming Guinness can trigger gluten allergies; therefore, it’s best to avoid Guinness if you can’t digest gluten. 

So do you have any other option? Does Guinness have a gluten free beer, or are all their flavors unsafe for celiacs? I have covered everything in this article, so keep reading. 

Is Guinness Gluten Free? 

Is Guinness Have Gluten

Guinness is a barley based beer, so it’s not gluten free. It’s produced from roasted barley to achieve that dark color making this malted beverage unsafe for anything having issues consuming gluten. 

Anything made from gluten ingredients like barley, wheat, rye, and semolina is unsafe for gluten sensitive people. Since barley is the base ingredient of this beer, it can show adverse health impacts like nausea, vomiting, skin rash, etc. 

You can find gluten free beers made from hops, rice, or sorghum. These are completely safe for celiacs and won’t induce any gluten allergies. Did you ever try Gluten Free Ciroc? don’t miss it.

Guinness: Ingredients & Brewing Process 

Guinness Ingredients & Brewing Process

The first step of making this Irish beer involves collecting barley. The makers collect barley from the local harvesters, and the next step involves crushing the grains and mixing them with water. 

The lake water they use is first heated and then added to the crushed barley. This is followed by mashing the mixture to the brewing sugars. They then roast the barley, which gives Guinness its dark color and strong taste. 

Finally, they add hops to the roasted barley, and the beer is boiled for another ninety minutes. The process is followed by adding yeast; the beer is left to rest for a while. 

The final step involves adding nitrogen, which gives Guinness its rich, creamy foam. 

Are All Beers Non-Gluten Free? 

Are All Beers Non-Gluten Free
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No, not all beers are non-gluten free. Manufacturers have become aware of gluten or wheat allergy; therefore, they have come up with beers made from gluten free grains. 

The gluten free beers are made from rice, buckwheat hops, millet, and similar gluten free grains. These beers taste as good as any wheat or barley based beers with the same crisp and refined taste. 

The manufacturers also ensure no cross-contamination takes place; hence they prepare their beers at gluten free facilities. So anyone with gluten allergies now doesn’t have to restrict themselves from enjoying a glass of chilled beer. 

Gluten Beer List: Safe For Celiacs 

Gluten Beer List
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Since Guinness is not gluten free, Celiacs need to look for other beer brands that are gluten free, wheat free, and safe. The good news is that you get numerous options for gluten free beer, and mentioned below are some of the best ones- 

#1. Seattle’s Ghostfish Shrouded Summit Witbier

The Summit Witbier is one of the tastiest no gluten beers. It’s made with water, malted buckwheat, millet, hops, rice juniper berries, orange peel, coriander, and yeast. It has an average alcohol percentage of 4.5%. 

#2. Hip Hops Puckerberry

Hip Hops Puckerberry is another gluten free beer brand made with millet and buckwheat with the fruity flavors of blackberries. Hip Hops Puckerberry has the perfect crisp, refined taste. 

#3. Duck Foot Coconut Contender

As the name says, Duck Foot Coconut Contender is made from toasted coconut that brings in an excellent taste and flavor. The best part is that the beer undergoes an enzymatic process that ensures no gluten particle is in the finished product.  

#4. Ground Breaker Dark Ale

This unique beer is produced by lentils and chestnuts replacing barley or wheat. The best part is Ground Breaker Brewing is a dedicated gluten free brewery, so it is one of the best gluten free brands for beer lovers. 

#5. Evasion Brewing Grandpa’s Nap

Evasion Brewing Grandpa’s Nap beers are made with Mosaic hops, water, millet, oats, buckwheat, rice, and yeast. You can also taste strong citrusy flavors in the beer. 


A gluten allergy requires a strict diet if you want to avoid negative health issues, and it involves avoiding Guinness beer and anything made from barley or wheat. But yes, it does not mean you can’t consume any beer. There are numerous gluten free beers, and I have also mentioned a few. 

Just remember to check the ingredient list and the manufacturer’s website to see if the beer is safe for you or not. If you liked this post, give your feedback in the comments. Stay tuned to Nothing Gluten to discover more about gluten free food. 


How Much Gluten Is There In Guinness Extra Stout? 

The exact amount of gluten in Guinness Extra Stout is not known. But it’s more than 20ppm since it’s a barley based beer, and it does not undergo distillation. 

Is Guinness Made With Wheat?

No, Guinness is not made with wheat. It’s a barley based beer, a similar gluten grain to wheat.  

Which Beers Are Low In Gluten? 

Some low gluten or gluten free beers are- Hip Hops Puckerberry, Omission Lager, Stone Brewing, Redbridge Lager, etc. 

Is Guinness Vegan?

Yes, Guinness is vegan. All the ingredients used, such as barley, hops, and yeast, are plant-based, and no animal substance gets added to it. 

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