Are Hops Gluten Free? Truth Revealed 

Are Hops Gluten Free

Hops are the primary flavoring ingredient in beers. The bitter taste you get in beer is basically from a flower called hops. Besides, hops work as a flavoring ingredient in beer by giving it that sweet citrusy scent. But are hops gluten free? 

Quick Answer

Hops are completely gluten free. Hops are a type of flower with no gluten substance. Gluten is an ingredient found in grains like wheat, rye, barley, etc., and hops do not belong to the family of such plants. 

I will talk about hops and information related to them in detail throughout this article, so if you don’t want to miss any information, continue reading. 

Hops: Definition And a Backstory 

Hops, also known as strobiles or seed cones, have a bitter taste. There are female and male plants, and we use only female plants in various products. One of the key uses of hops is as a stabilizing or flavoring ingredient in various beverages, including beer. 

Besides, people use it in herbal medicines too. Today, people know hops as a key ingredient in beers. Breweries use it because hops balance the sweet and bitter taste in the beverage.

There are varied types of hops, and farmers worldwide produce all these varieties. Each variety has its unique flavor, and different types are used for different beer flavors. 

Are Hops gluten free? 

Are Hops has gluten

Hops are absolutely gluten free. People often think hops have gluten because it is used in beer. However, the gluten content in beer comes from other grains used in it. 

Hops belong to the family of Humulus Lupulus. This plant family is entirely different from gluten-producing plants like wheat, rye, barley, semolina, farina, spelt, etc. 

Moreover, the sticky elastic texture found in gluten grains is absent from hops, which is another aspect making hops gluten free. So if you are gluten sensitive and worried about consuming anything with hops, you no longer need to. 

This entirely gluten free flower won’t harm anyone with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. 

What Are Hops Used For? 

As we have mentioned before as well, breweries use hops in beers. Hops are a part of the Cannabaceae plant family, which includes plants like marijuana and hemp. 

The main use of hop is in keeping beer fresh for longer, in addition to retaining the flavor. Also, the foamy texture you see in beer is mainly derived from hops. There are two types of hops- for flavoring and for bitterness. 

Breweries use both types to make beer taste better. Hops have so many uses apart from in beers. Let’s throw a glance at them in the following section. 

Interesting Facts About Hops 

Here are some interesting facts about hops- 

Hops Facts
  • Hops can help you deal with insomnia. Experts say that taking hops extract before bed can help you with sleeplessness. You will have to try hops oil for 28 days to see the results. 
  • Using deodorants with hops extracts in them can help combat body odor. 
  • Hops are great for fighting menopause. If you have been experiencing symptoms of menopause, start taking hops extracts for 8 to 12 weeks to see positive results. 
  • Hops help with appetite loss as well. If you have lost interest in eating anything, you can try taking hops extract to deal with your lost appetite. 
  • You can use hops like any other herb in different dishes. But be mindful about the quantity. As it has a strong bitter taste, it can ruin the dish easily. 
  • Hops are a common ingredient in ice-creams nowadays. 

For How Long Can You Store Hops? 

Hops come in different varieties, such as dried hop, whole hops, and pellet hops. Each has a different shelf-life based on how you store it. In the table below, I’ve mentioned the storage capacity of each hop type. 

Types of Hops

Hop Pellets 

Hop pellets are whole hops stripped and processed through a pelletization process. The whole hops are transformed into powder form after the drying stage. 

The temperature and milling speed plays a crucial role in making the right hop pellets. If the temperature is too high, it can cause discoloration and oxidation. 

Storage methodStorage duration 
Vacuum sealed in freezer Up to 5 years 
Vacuum sealed in refrigerator Up to 2 to 4 years 
Open in the freezer Up to 5 weeks 
Open in the refrigerator Up to 2 weeks 
Open at room temperature Up to 2 weeks 
Vacuum sealed at room temperature Up to 4 weeks 

Dried Hops

Dried hops, as the name says, are fresh hops that are dried down to 0% moisture. Here again, you have to be extremely careful with the drying process as inefficient drying processes can cause them to oxidize or lead to discoloration.  

Storage method Storage duration 
Vacuum sealed in freezer Up to 2 years 
Vacuum sealed in refrigerator Up to 6 months
Open in the freezer Up to 5 weeks 
Open in the refrigerator Unable to store 
Open at room temperature Up to a week 
Vacuum sealed at room temperature Up to a week

Fresh Hops 

Fresh hops are wet green hops, freshly picked from the fields and used for the brewing process. You have to use fresh hops within 48 hours of their cultivation as they are not good for prolonged preservation. 

Fresh Hops

In the table below, we have mentioned different storage methods and their storage duration. 

Storage methodStorage duration 
Vacuum sealed in freezer Unable to store
Vacuum sealed in refrigerator Unable to store
Open in the freezer Unable to store
Open in the refrigerator Unable to store
Open at room temperature Up to 48 hours 
Vacuum sealed at room temperature Up to 48 hours 


As you can see, hop seeds have multiple uses and benefits. These are absolutely gluten free; hence, people with celiac disease or gluten insensitivity can consume them. 

Besides, hops work as a remedy for various diseases, which I have mentioned in the article. If you are suffering from any of them, you can try using hops after consulting your doctor. If you want to learn anything more about hops, let us know in the comments. We’ll revert at the earliest!


Can I use hops in food items? 

Hop is a flavoring ingredient, so you can use it in food items. But be careful with the quantity as using too much can make the dish bitter. 

What family of plant hops belong to? 

Hops belong to a plant called Humulus Lupulus. It is a part of the Hemp family called Cannabaceae. 

Do hops contain gluten? 

No, hops do not contain gluten. Hops are not at all a part of plants that produce grains with gluten. 

Can people with Celiac disease consume hops? 

Yes, it is safe for people with Celiac disease to consume hops as it is free of gluten. 

What are the benefits of hops? 

Hops have many benefits, such as it helps with insomnia, anxiety, appetite, restlessness, tension, indigestion, nervousness, etc. 

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