Is Hennessy Gluten Free? Know the Truth

Is Hennessy Gluten Free

Hennesy is a premium drink made from grapes, distilled, and aged to bring you the best taste. Often, people confuse Hennessy with whiskey and consider it to be gluten-free. Is it true? Does Hennessy have gluten? Should celiacs stay away from it? 

Yes, Hennessy is completely gluten free as it is not made from wheat or barley like other whiskeys. It is a cognac and is mainly made from grape juice. As grapes are naturally gluten free hence, Hennessy too is a gluten free drink. 

Want to learn in detail about Hennessy and its gluten status? If yes, continue reading this article till you find out the whole truth. 

What Is Hennessy? And What Are The Ingredients In There? 

Hennesy has been one of the most popular drinks for the longest time. People enjoy its crisp distilled taste, and it is one of the common ingredients in cocktails. But as against common assumption, Hennessy isn’t a whiskey. 

It’s a cognac made from grape juice. More precisely, we call Hennessy a type of brandy that is aged in barrels. The primary factor that distinguishes Hennessy from traditional whiskeys is that it’s not made from wheat or barley. 

What Is Hennessy

For that reason, this somewhat sweet spicy drink comes closer to the taste of wine than whiskey. Hennessy is made from the finest grapes grown in the Charente region of France, which is famous for its affinity with wine. 

But apart from grapes, what are the secret ingredients behind this ever loved drink? How do they prepare Hennessy? 

The fermentation, distillation, and casking play an equally important role in making this premium cognac. After pressing the grapes, yeast is added to convert the sugar into alcohol and left to ferment for two to three weeks. 

In the second step, the distillation takes place. To transform the drink from wine to cognac requires twice the distillation. Ultimately the cognac is casked into oak barrels, and this is how we get the premium, Hennessy. 

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Is Hennessy Gluten Free? 

Hennesy is entirely gluten free and has zero percent gluten. As I have been stating throughout, Hennesy is made from distilled white wine. White wine is derived from grapes that contain no gluten substance. 

The only two ingredients used for making Hennessy are- grapes and yeast. These do not come under gluten containing plants; hence celiacs don’t have to stop themselves from drinking Hennesy. 

Moreover, whenever a liquor goes through a distillation process, it becomes gluten free. Hennessy undergoes a twice distillation process meaning there are no chances of gluten being present. But how does distillation get rid of gluten? Here is a breakdown- 

Distillation is the process of boiling and condensation to remove any particles from the liquor. The fermented liquid is heated and in the process, the volatile compounds disappear from the liquid, and the heavier compounds gather in the bottom. 

Gluten is a heavy compound, and it sinks into the bottom and doesn’t get siphoned off into the distilled liquid, making it gluten free. 

But there are chances of cross-contamination, so you should check the label first before buying any gluten free liquor. However, Hennessy is completely gluten free, as declared by the company. 

Is Hennessy Bad for Health? 

Hennessy is a cognac, which can actually be good for your health if you drink in moderation. Hennesy can increase your antioxidant levels that prevent the risk of cancer, vision loss, heart disease, reduce the risk of blood clots, type 2 diabetes, and gallstones. 

Is Hennessy Bad for Health

But you will experience these positive impacts only if you limit your drinking to the recommended level, which is no more than one drink for women and two drinks for men per day. 

Most Popular Gluten-free Alternatives to Hennessy Cognac 

Gluten sensitivity and celiac disease have made people very conscious about their food and drink choices. While such people have to restrict themselves to a lot of food/drinking items, that’s not the case with cognac. 

There are multiple brands that offer gluten free cognac similar to Hennessy. Let’s throw a glance at these as well- 

A popular cognac brand making classic brandy since 1858. It has a vast cognac family and is popular for offering purely mature liquor”. 

“It is a perennial favorite German brandy, especially loved by the British ex-servicemen. Asbach Uralt comes in 5 years as well as 3 years aged options”. 

“Made using the Alambic stills, this is one of the highly distilled brandies that do not contain any gluten. The fruit forward notes of apple, apricot, and peach together contribute a lot to the palatable flavor”. 

“Originated from France this is a full-body brandy distilled with utmost care in oak barrels. Ideal for sipping neat, the Chatelle Napoleon Brandy has a delicious flavor when taken on the rocks.

“ The Christian Brothers Brandy has earned a reputation as one of the best American spirits. From 1882. It has been a favorite among people that love delicious brandy with a full-body and smooth flavor. 

Hennessy Cocktail Recipes that You Must Try

You can make some amazing cocktails with Hennessy. Below I have shared three of my favorite recipes with Hennessy, which my friends and family love too. Check out these recipes if you have a party coming up or just want to enjoy a drink by yourself. 

1. Hennessy Margarita 

Hennessy Margarita 


  • Hennessy Cognac
  • Aged tequila 
  • Orange liqueur 
  • Lime juice 


  1. Take a shaker glass 
  2. Add some ice and pour all the liquids, and give it a nice shake. 
  3. Pour the cocktail into the cocktail glass and enjoy your Hennessy Margarita. 

It’s simple, sophisticated, and a great drink to make your evenings even better!

How to make a Hennessy Margarita | Hennessy Margarita Recipe

2. Hennessy Stinger 

Hennessy Stinger 

It’s just a two-ingredient drink, but there is no compromise on taste. Let’s check the ingredients and the procedure- 


  • Hennessy Cognac 
  • Creme de menthe 


  • Just mix the two liquors, add some ice, and there you have another classic Hennessy cocktail. 

Stinger is a very old drink that people have been enjoying for ages. Make sure to try it and share your thoughts. 

3. Hennessy Sidecar Cocktail 

Hennessy Sidecar Cocktail 

It is one of the signature cocktails to try out. The perfect balance of sweet and sour taste makes the Hennessy Sidecar Cocktail one of my top picks. 


  • Hennessy cognac 
  • Orange liqueur 
  • Lemon juice 


  • Take all the ingredients- Hennessy, orange liqueur, and lemon juice in a shaker and shake well. 
  • Rim the glass with sugar (this is operational) 
  • Pour the drink into the rimmed glass. Add ice and serve with lemon or orange twist. 


Q: Is Hennessy White gluten-free?

Yes, Hennessy white is gluten free since it has no barley or wheat. Hennesy is made from grape juice which is a gluten free fruit. 

Q: What alcoholic drinks can celiacs drink?

Drinks which are free of malt, barley, or wheat are safe for celiacs to drink. Besides, drinks which go through a distillation process like cognac, wine, tequila, brandy, gin, etc., are gluten free. 

Q: Is Hennessy Cognac good?

Hennessy cognac is a good drink if you consume it in moderation. Women should drink no more than one glass per day, and men should drink no more than two drinks a day. 

Q: What does Hennessy do to your body?

Drinking Hennessy in moderation can prevent various health risks like cancer, vision loss, heart disease, blood clots, the risk of type 2 diabetes, and gallstones. 

Final Thoughts 

Hennessy is an entirely gluten free drink and is totally safe for celiacs or gluten sensitive people. It’s a distilled drink, meaning there are no chances of gluten contamination. But make sure not to go overboard with the drink and consume it in moderation. 

Also, try out the amazing Hennessy Cognac recipes listed in this article and have your favorite brandy in different ways.

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