Chick-fil-A Gluten Free Menu: A Guideline To Safe Dining At Your Favorite Restaurant

Chick fil-A Gluten Free Menu

For over 50 years, the Chick-fil-A restaurant chain has been known for its iconic grilled chicken sandwiches. However, if you are allergic to gluten or have celiac disease, you must know about the Chick-fil-A gluten free menu before visiting your nearest outlet.

You can safely try the gluten-free buns now available in every Chick-fil-A outlet. These are officially certified and third-party lab tested. And if you are in love with the fries, you can try the grilled chicken and chicken nuggets that are also gluten-free.

But these are not the only option to try at a Chick-fil-A outlet, even if you have a moderate-to-severe gluten allergy or celiac disease. This food giant now has a complete menu, from entrees to beverages, that are gluten-free and free from any cross-contamination issues as well. Want to know more? Read on!

Chick-fil-A Gluten Free Menu: Items and Options

Chick-fil-A Gluten Free Menu

Truett Cathy, the actual owner of Chick-fil-A, launched his first outlet in the Atlanta mall way back in 1967. And now, it has more than 2k quick-service outlets in more than 43 states in the USA. After almost 45 years of opening its first joint in Atlanta, Chick-fil-A understood the need for a gluten-free menu, as many people are now adopting a gluten-free diet. 

So, it has introduced its first-ever gluten-free buns to go with its iconic sandwiches. Besides, it has started to minimize the risk of cross-contamination to let foodies enjoy an array of delicious food on every Chick-fil-A joint. 

Now, Chick-fil-A gluten free menu can be seen in almost all of their outlets throughout the nation. From breakfast meals to desserts, there are now many gluten-free options available to try without worrying about allergic reactions.

Officially Certified Gluten-Free Buns

Chick-fil-A Certified Gluten-Free Buns

The only officially certified gluten-free option on the Chick-fil-A menu, the delicious buns, are not made with any gluten ingredient, nor is it cooked in the same setup to eliminate the cross-contamination issues. These buns go through third-party testing to prove them truly gluten-free in nature.

These buns are made with a mix of gluten-free grains, such as quinoa, sorghum, millet, amaranth, and teff. Besides, these buns also have chia seeds, raisins, and molasses, to give them an iconic slightly sweetened taste. 

These buns are loaded with vitamins and essential minerals, as well. And you can get this gluten-free goodness with just an additional $1.15 with your favorite chicken sandwich. So going healthy doesn’t mean you have to bear a hole in your wallet!

Gluten-Free Breakfast Options

Gluten-Free Breakfast Options

There are three gluten-free breakfast options now available in every Chick-fil-A outlet. However, you can customize the entire platter to make it gluten-free as well.

  • Hash browns
  • Bacon slice
  • Sausage patty
  • Customized breakfast platter (Make sure you don’t get the gravy and the biscuit with the platter. Just ask for grilled chicken with scrambled eggs.

Gluten-Free Entrées Options

Gluten-Free Entrées Options

No menu can be complete without entrees, isn’t it? So, Chick-fil-A introduced four gluten-free options on its entrée menu. And those are deliciously awesome!

  • Grilled nuggets
  • Grilled market salad
  • Grilled chicken filet (Don’t forget to order it with the gluten-free bun)
  • Spicy southwest salad (Ask them to give it without the chili lime pepitas topping)

Gluten-Free Sides Option

Gluten-Free Sides Option

Nothing can be more appealing than the sides that often overtake the main dishes. And Chick-fil-A totally understood that before launching six of their gluten-free sides.

  • Side salad (Make it without any toppings)
  • Fruit cup
  • Superfood side
  • Waffle potato fries
  • Waffle potato chips (Available on the catering-only menu)
  • Greek Yogurt Parfait (Order without the cookie crumbs topping)

Gluten-Free Lunch & Dinner Combos

Gluten-Free Lunch & Dinner Combos

From an official lunch to a gala dinner, Chick-fil-A is among the best places if you are a true chicken lover. And now, there are three combos available in every outlet that you can safely try.

  • Grilled or club chicken sandwich (with the gluten-free bun), waffle potato, and simply orange juice
  • 8 counts of grilled chicken, kale crunch, and fruit cup (medium)
  • Market salad (ask without any toppings)

Gluten-Free Kids Meals

Chick-fil-A Gluten Free Kids Meals

Why shouldn’t the young chaps have the option to taste the gluten-free goodness? So, at Chick-fil-A, there are three options available for the kids.

  • Grilled nuggets
  • Honest Kids apple juice
  • Buddy Fruits apple sauce

Gluten-Free Beverages Options

Chick-fil-A Gluten-Free Beverages Options

All the beverages, except the iced coffee, served at Chick-fil-A restaurants are gluten-free. However, they pre-pack four options to make it free from cross-contamination.

Is Chick-fil-A Gluten Free and Completely Safe?

Gluten-free buns are officially certified. So, you don’t need to worry about them even if you have celiac disease or follow a gluten-free diet. However, this food giant has something on the Chick-fil-A gluten free menu for everyone on the gluten-allergy spectrum.

Is Chick-fil-A Gluten Free and Completely Safe

The original grilled chicken sandwich, for which Chick-fil-A is primarily known, now has a gluten-free option. And you can alter the regular wheat buns with gluten-free buns for an additional $1.15. However, ask the counter guy to avoid any toppings that may have gluten contents.

If you are not a big fan of sandwiches and prefer the sides on Chick-fil-A, Greek yogurt parfait and the kale crunch are the safest bet on the gluten-free horizon. And if you love fried items, you must try the grilled chicken and chicken nuggets. Every outlet of Chick-fil-A now prepares these two items separately to avoid cross-contamination from the fried chicken.

The waffle fries and nuggets are now prepared in canola oil. But you must avoid the fried chicken even if it is too tempting, as it is cooked in peanut oil and may have gluten ingredients in the marination. And if you are also looking for gluten-free options in a vegetarian diet, you must try the freshly cut fruit cups and fresh salads without any toppings.

Final Words

Although there are now many Chick-fil-A gluten free menu options available in every outlet, you should only order those without any toppings or dressings to be on the safer side. Besides, you must ask the counter guy if those are prepared in canola oil or not, as they fry a few of their items in peanut oils as well. 

But to be on the safest side, just order the iconic grilled-chicken sandwich with the gluten-free bun. However, the official statement of Chick-fil-A says that you should stick only to the officially certified gluten-free menu. 

Other items (that are probably gluten-free in nature) are prone to cross-contamination as they are prepared and cooked in a shared kitchen. So, it is better to ask the counter guy for the gluten-free option that they have in that particular outlet. 


Does Chick-fil-A have gluten-free bread?

In 2017, Chick-fil-A launched a new bun to go with its iconic grilled-chicken sandwich, which is officially certified as gluten-free. These buns are made from gluten-free grains, such as sorghum, quinoa, millet, teff, and amaranth. Besides, these buns have raising, chia seeds, and molasses, which are also gluten-free.

Are Chick-fil-A French fries gluten free?

Yes, Chick-fil-A French fries are completely gluten free! Potatoes and salt are the main ingredients in the French fry that are naturally gluten-free. Besides, they also prepare and cook the French fries in a dedicated fryer to eliminate any chance of cross-contamination.

Do Chick-fil-A Nuggets have gluten?

Chick-fil-A grilled chicken nuggets are completely gluten free. These nuggets are sourced from gluten-free facilities and also fried using canola oils. Besides, the grilled chicken is also sourced and prepared in the same way to make it gluten-free as well.

Are Chick-fil-A hash browns gluten-free?

Yes, Chick-fil-A hash browns are naturally gluten-free. Most outlets also prepare and cook the hash browns in a separate setup to eliminate the cross-contamination issues. Besides, they are fried in canola oil.

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