Is Folgers Coffee Gluten Free? Let’s Find Out 

Is Folgers Coffee Gluten Free

Feeling sleepy in the middle of your work is pretty normal; what you need at that moment is a good cup of coffee to wake you up. But ordering your coffee might take some time while you need an instant boost. 

Folgers coffee is what can save your day. It’s an instant, single-use pod coffee with the right amount of caffeine and flavor. But what celiacs worry about is whether Folgers coffee is safe for them or not. Is Folgers coffee gluten free? 

As per the makers, Folgers coffee does not contain any gluten, nor their coffees are produced in a shared facility. But their flavored coffee products contain added ingredients that may not be gluten free. 

Being gluten sensitive involves a lot of risks, which is why the food you consume has to be clean, without harmful ingredients. I will talk more about Folgers coffee and if it’s safe for celiacs or not as we proceed in the article. So continue reading till the end. 

Is Folgers Coffee Gluten Free? 

The plain Folgers coffee does not contain any gluten ingredients like wheat, barley, or rye. Plus, the process of sourcing and roasting coffee does not involve any direct contact with gluten grains. It should imply that Folgers coffee is gluten free. 

It’s not that simple. The makers say that although the ingredients are free of gluten and they prepare their coffee products in a dedicated facility, traces of gluten may be there due to the common equipment used during harvesting, storing, and transporting crops. 

Is Folgers Coffee Have Gluten

Moreover, the brand also declared that their flavored coffees contain added ingredients that are not gluten free. You must know that for a product to be completely safe for celiacs, it should not come in contact with any gluten product. 

Plus, it should not contain any flavorings or preservatives derived from gluten substances. Considering these factors, I would say Folgers coffee isn’t safe for celiacs or gluten allergic people. 

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Folgers Coffee: An Overview 

Folgers Coffee An Overview

Folgers coffee is an American brand of single-use instant coffee pods. The company has now expanded to Asia, Canada, and Mexico as well. Due to the brand’s consistency in excellent crafting, Folgers coffee dominated the coffee market for years. 

The secret to their everlasting popularity is a highly skilled team, advanced technology, and precise processing. The producers take sincere care in roasting the coffee beans to get the best flavor in each batch. 

After the fine roasting and grounding process, the highly trained Folgers master cuppers test each batch to ensure only the best coffee pods make their way to their customers. 

How Can Gluten Get Added To Folgers Coffee?

As per the producers, gluten may get added to Folgers coffee during the harvesting, storing, and transporting process. As the agricultural community uses the same equipment for all types of crops, chances of cross-contamination prevail. 

Additionally, the flavored Folgers coffee has added ingredients that are derived from gluten substances. These are factors that can add gluten to Folgers coffee, making it unsafe for gluten sensitive people. 

Is Folgers Coffee vegan?

Is Folgers Coffee vegan

Yes, Folgers coffee is vegan. Coffee beans are plant based products, and there are no dairy or milk derivatives used in the manufacturing process, making Folgers coffee suitable for vegan eaters. 

Are All Coffee Brands Gluten Free? 

No, all coffee brands aren’t gluten free. Many companies, including Folgers, produce flavored coffee that may contain gluten products. The flavorings or additives are mostly derived from gluten substances, so checking the ingredient list before getting any instant coffee is mandatory. 

Is There Any Gluten Free Alternative To Folgers Coffee? 

Is There Any Gluten Free Alternative To Folgers Coffee

There are many gluten free alternatives to Folgers coffee available for celiacs. As seen, Folgers coffee is not the safest choice for gluten sensitive people; hence why not try some amazing gluten free instant coffee alternatives to it? I have shortlisted a few, and here are the names- 

Rage Organic instant coffee is one of the best choices for celiacs. It’s 100% Arabica coffee, gluten free, and plant based. Plus, this coffee is keto-friendly as well. 

Another good quality gluten free instant coffee is this Giraldo one. It’s gluten free, has a unique taste, and a refined taste of caffeine. 

The Alpine Start Premium Instant Coffee is made from original Arabica coffee, which is gluten free, dairy, and soy-free as well. You can have it either hot or cold; both ways, it tastes amazing. 

It’s another gluten free instant coffee with chocolate flavors. Hill Bros frappes are gluten free, and GMO certified, so celiacs can drink them without worrying about getting a gluten allergy. 

Wrapping Up 

I hope you found your answer to whether Folgers coffee is gluten free or not in this guide. To conclude, it’s not the right coffee product for gluten sensitive people since the chances of cross-contamination are very strong. 

You can check out my recommendations of gluten free coffee brands that taste the same as Folgers. 


Can celiacs have Folgers coffee? 

No, celiacs can’t have Folgers coffee. These have the chances of cross-contamination; hence not the ideal choice for celiacs. 

Do pure coffee grounds have gluten? 

No, pure coffee grounds don’t have gluten. Coffee beans are not a gluten grain; hence these are completely free from gluten. 

Is Maxwell House coffee gluten free? 

Yes, Maxwell House coffee is gluten free. These have no additives and are not made in a shared facility, so there are no chances of gluten getting added. 

Which Folgers coffee is the best? 

The original Folgers coffee is the best as these are only pure coffee grounds with no other additives added. 

What is Folgers coffee made of? 

Folgers coffee is made of Arabica and Robusta coffee blend. These are medium roasted for a refined and smooth coffee flavor. 

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