Is Stella Cidre Gluten Free? Here Is Why 

Is Stella Cidre Gluten Free

Stella Cidre has become a recent obsession, especially for people who are not fond of hard alcohol. It has a nice combination of sweetness and crispness made with freshly picked apples. But what are the other ingredients used in this apple cider? Is Stella Cidre Gluten Free? 

Quick Answer

Yes, Stella Cidre is gluten free. One of the ingredients in Stella Cidre is barley, but the makers still label it as a gluten free drink because the manufacturing procedure involves a process to eliminate gluten.

There is more to learn about Stella Cidre if there are any chances of gluten contamination and related facts. Let’s read ahead to explore everything and find out the truth. 

Is Stella Cidre Have Gluten? 

Is Stella Cidre Have Gluten

Stella Cidre is gluten free. I know it might be a little confusing for you after knowing that barley is one of the main ingredients in Stella Cidre. If you are gluten sensitive, you’re well aware that barley, wheat, rye, and all other gluten grains are unsafe for you. 

But the makers follow a gluten elimination procedure to make the drink safe for anyone having issues digesting gluten. The final drink contains less than 20ppm gluten, a safe gluten range for anyone dealing with issues with gluten sensitivity

But even though the gluten content is negligible, the drink is still made from a gluten source. Therefore, I recommend you consult with an expert or someone with gluten allergies to know how safe the drink is for you. 

But the company announces Stella Artois Cidre to be gluten free on their site, and such a declaration means the drink should not cause any severe allergic reactions. But the final choice of consuming the drink or not should be yours. 

What Ingredients Go In Stella Artois Cidre?  

Ingredients Go In Stella Artois Cidre

The ingredients used in Stella Artois Cidre are- barley, hops, water, and natural apple flavorings. The drink brings in a crisp, smooth taste with a subtle sweetness from the apples. There are also no artificial flavorings in the cider. 

Should You Consume Stella Cidre? Is It Healthy?

Stella Cidre contains 180 calories per 12 Fl. OZ, which includes 22 grams of carbs and 16 grams of sugar. The alcohol volume is 4.5% which is, of course, less than other alcoholic drinks. 

Should You Consume Stella Cidre

You can consume Stella Cidre sparingly, and the drink is, of course, not made for regular consumption. It is pretty high in sugar and carbs, so it’s better to have it occasionally. 

Is There Any Similar Gluten Free Alternative To Stella Artois Cidre? 

Since every company tries to bring out a unique taste in their product, finding an exact match for Stella Artois Cidre is difficult. But I have found the following ciders, which are absolutely gluten free and have amazing flavors. 

Stella Artois Cidre Gluten Free Alternative

#1. Angry Orchard Hard Cider

Angry Orchard has a range of ciders made from seasonal fruits. As per the makers, they make their ciders with naturally gluten free ingredients and in separate utensils to eliminate any chances of cross-contamination. 

#2. Crispin Cider

Here is another trusted cider brand that is safe on a no-gluten diet. Crispin Cider has seven different flavors of ciders- original, Pacific Pear, Rose, Brut, Pearsecco, Brown’s Lane, and Honey Crisp and all of these are gluten free. 

#3. ACE Cider (California Cider)

ACE Cider or California Cider also makes different flavors of gluten free cider. Some of their popular flavors are- Apple, Joker, Blackjack 21, Perry, Pumpkin, and Pineapple. 

#4. Jack’s Hard Cider

Continuing the list of gluten free ciders with this Jack’s Hard Cider. They make their cider from grapes and other fruit and no grains. There are different flavors to pick for Jack Hard Cider, and a few of them are- Original, Dry-Hopped, Helen’s Blend, Pear, Peach, Fireside, and Conewago Orchard. 

#5. Original Sin Hard Cider

Last but not least, the Original Sin Hard Cider is another excellent brand for celiacs if they crave some fruity cider. The brand has different flavors, and all of them are made from naturally gluten free ingredients. Some of the Original Sin Hard cider flavors are- Spiced Apple, Passionfruit, Strawberry-lime, Wild Berries, etc.  


It’s actually a bit complicated to make an explicit declaration if Stella Cidre is entirely gluten free or not. The final product contains a minimal amount of gluten, but we can’t ignore the fact that it is a barley based drink. 

You are well aware of your gluten intolerant level, so the decision to drink Stella Artois should be totally yours. Always check the ingredient list and consult with your dietician before consuming. 


Is Regular Stella Gluten Free? 

No, regular Stella Artois is not gluten free. The regular variety has gluten, so not safe for celiacs. 

Is Stella Cidre Celiac Safe? 

Stella Cidre may not be celiac safe. The main source of the drink is barley, so celiacs may face allergic reactions. Consult your doctor to know if the drink is entirely safe for you or not. 

Is Stella Artois Gluten-Free?

There are two varieties of Stella Artois, and one of them is gluten free. Even though the ingredients of both types are the same, the gluten free variety undergoes a process to eliminate gluten.

Is Stella Cidre Discontinued?

No, Stella Cidre is not discontinued. The drink is still available widely across different states; however, they have reduced its range to focus on bringing more premium quality ciders. 

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