Is Mead Gluten Free? Let’s Find Out

Is Mead Gluten Free

I have seen my friends boasting about the honey infused wine Mead. They seem to be a huge fan of this alcoholic beverage but what I always wondered was if Mead is gluten free. As a gluten intolerant, I have to consider a lot of sides before putting anything in my mouth.  

So I did some research on Mead and found out that Mead is a fermented drink made from honey and yeast, so it is gluten free. 

It would have been great if things were this simple, but sadly they are not. For a drink to be gluten free, the absence of wheat and barley isn’t enough. There are things that add gluten apart from its ingredients. 

Let’s find out if Mead is affected by these external factors and whether the drink is ultimately safe for gluten sensitive people or not. 

Is Mead Gluten Free? 

Mead is naturally gluten free. The alcoholic beverage is made from honey, water, and yeast. This traditional recipe used wild yeast that did not require human fermentation. 

Is Mead Have Gluten

But modern makers use other types of yeast and sometimes may add gluten grains like barley which may make the drink unsafe for gluten sensitive people. Plus, the drink is prepared in barrels which again induces the risk of gluten contamination

Makers may use the same barrels where they processed barley malt beers, so we cannot surely say if Mead is entirely safe for gluten sensitive people. To be safe, pick Mead, that’s made only with water, honey, and yeast. Also, while buying drinks, don’t forget to check the gluten free label. 

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What Are The Ingredients Used In Meads? How Is It Made? 

The main three ingredients used in Mead are- honey, water, and wild yeast. The ingredients go through a fermentation process to source the honey liquor. 

Sometimes other ingredients like fruit, spices, and hops are added to enhance the flavor. As the liquor is made from honey, it’s also known as honey wine. The alcohol content of Mead may range from 3.5% to 18% ABV. 

The drink was actually popular in Asia, Africa, and Europe, where the locals used to prepare this drink from Mead grown in the wild. 

Is Mead Healthy? 

Mead is healthier than regular wine or beer. The liquor is made from honey which has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Additionally, there is no added sugar in Mead, making it a safer choice for people trying to avoid unnecessary sugar. 

But it’s always better to consume everything in moderation. Drinking excessive alcohol will harm your health in the long run, so try to limit drinking mead just once or twice a week. 

Is Mead A Vegan Drink? 

Is Mead A Vegan Drink

Mead isn’t a vegan drink since it has honey. People following a vegan diet do not consume anything made from animal derivatives. Since honey is nectar extracted from insects (honey bees), this won’t come under a vegan friendly drink. 

Try Making Mead At Home Following This Simple Recipe 

Try Making Mead At Home Following This Simple Recipe

Making Mead at home isn’t big of a task. The process and recipe for making the drink are quite simple. I have tried my hands on this honey wine quite a few times, and it turned out really great. So here is the recipe that I followed. 


  • Pure honey 
  • Mead yeast 
  • cleaner/ sterilizer 
  • Water 


  • 1 gallon fermentation bucket 
  • A thermometer 
  • 1 bubbler airlock with cap 


  1. First, mix water and honey together in the fermentation bucket. 
  2. Then add the mead yeast. (if you want, you can add some fruits as well) 
  3. Now fit the airlock in the vessel and wait for some time. The yeast will start working gradually, turning the sugar into alcohol and CO2
  4. The airlock will allow the CO2 to get out of the fermentation bucket while preventing the contaminants from getting in. 
  5. The fermentation may take anywhere from two weeks to a month. When the bubbles disappear, it’s a sign that the fermentation is completed. 
  6. Now transfer the liquor into another bucket and store it in a cold place for two more months. 

Try These Mouth-Watering Recipes With Mead 

The honey wine or Mead is a delicious drink and can be enjoyed alone. But what about making some interesting gluten free mead cocktails. This indeed sounds interesting, right. 

I love experimenting with food and different ingredients, and these mead cocktails turned out super delicious. I have shared the recipe below, so let’s take a look- 

1. Orange Blossom Margarita 

Orange Blossom Margarita


  • 2 oz Orange blossom mead 
  • 1.5 oz silver tequila 
  • 1.5 oz lime juice 
  • Lime wedge for garnish 


Mix mead, tequila, and lime juice in a cocktail shaker. Rim a cocktail glass with salt and strain the drink in it. Garnish with a lime wedge and serve. 

2. The Lady Jane 


  • 4oz mead 
  • 1 oz gin 
  • Orange bitters 
  • Sparkling lemonade 
  • Orange, lemon, strawberry, mint, and cucumber slices for garnishing 


  1. Take a shaker, add gin, mead, and orange bitters, and shake well. Strain the liquid into a glass jar and add the garnishing ingredients. Top it off with some sparkling lemonade and let the drink infuse for fifteen to twenty minutes. 
  2. While having, add some ice cubes in the glass, pour the infused cocktail and add some more lemonade from the top. 

3. Raspberry Peach Sangria 

Raspberry Peach Sangria


  • 2 bottles mead 
  • 3 cups raspberries 
  • 3 cups peaches (sliced) 


Pour the Mead into a glass jar and add the fruits to it. Keep it in the refrigerator to infuse the fruit flavors in sangria. While serving, scoop out some fruit pieces from the jar and put them in the wine glass. 

Wrapping Up 

The original mead recipe is gluten free and is absolutely safe for celiacs. However, we cannot say the same for modern makers. The barrels where made are produced may have substances of gluten, so the risk always prevails. 

If you have access to gluten free mead, you should definitely try out the mead cocktail recipes I have mentioned here. They are sure to make your day more interesting!


How much alcohol is there in Mead? 

The alcohol content in Mead varies from 3.5% to 18% ABV; it mainly depends upon the makers. 

Can celiacs have Mead? 

Celiacs can have Mead which is prepared in the most authentic way and only uses honey, water, and wild yeast. 

Is Mead healthier than wine? 

Since Mead has no added sugar, it is healthier than wine; however, consumption should be limited. 

Is there wheat in the Mead? 

No, there is no wheat in the Mead. This fermented liquid isn’t made from wheat or barley malt. 

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