Is Cranberry Sauce Gluten Free? Truth!

Is Cranberry Sauce Gluten Free

Cranberry sauce is a great add-on to a plethora of dishes. Be it beef, turkey, or pork, add this juicy sauce and make your meals more interesting. I know what you are thinking right now. Is cranberry sauce gluten free? 

Cranberry sauce is usually gluten free. There are no gluten ingredients to cause gluten allergy. What you need to focus on is if the cans are processed in a gluten free facility or not. 

Living with celiac disease isn’t easy. While some products may not contain any gluten ingredients, there might be the risk of cross-contamination. Therefore you’ve to be extra careful while picking your food. So let’s roll and find out how to pick the right cranberry sauce for celiacs. 

Is Cranberry Sauce Gluten Free? 

Ingredients added in cranberry sauce are- cranberries, corn syrup, water, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup. These ingredients don’t have gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat and in all its forms. 

As there is no wheat or wheat abstract used in cranberry sauce, so it’s safe for gluten sensitive people. It would have been great if things were this simple, and unfortunately, they are not. 

Is Cranberry Sauce Have Gluten

Even though some food like cranberry sauce may not contain anything with gluten, the chances of cross-contamination are always there. Unless canned cranberry sauce is processed in a gluten free factory, it’s not safe for you at all. 

So does that mean you should avoid cranberry sauce? I didn’t say so. You have to pick only the ones which bear a gluten free label. It would mean the sauce is made in a gluten free factory that does not process any gluten containing food. 

Additionally, cranberry sauce is only safe for you when it contains less than 20ppm gluten. But if you are making the sauce at home, you can be rest assured to have a complete gluten free cranberry sauce. 

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How Is Cranberry Sauce Made? What Ingredients Go In It? 

How Is Cranberry Sauce Made

Cranberry sauce literally goes with anything. The slightly sweet and tangy sauce can instantly make any boring dish taste good. Cranberry sauce is made by boiling cranberries, water, and sugar. 

The cranberries break down and release their pectin into the mixture. The boiled cranberries are mashed until all the liquid and pectin come out properly. Makers also use high fructose corn syrup and normal corn syrup for better consistency. 

The sauce is then strained to eliminate the chunky parts, and the final result is a smooth, silky cranberry sauce. 

The key ingredients in cranberry sauce are- cranberries, sugar, water, corn syrup, and high fructose corn syrup. But some makers also add orange zest and juice, cinnamon, maple syrup, etc., for better flavor. 

Is Cranberry Sauce Vegan? 

Is Cranberry Sauce Vegan

Yes, cranberry sauce is absolutely vegan. As already said, the sauce has sugar, cranberries, and corn syrup; all of these are plant based ingredients. Vegans avoid anything made out of animal products like milk, eggs, yogurt, cream, and all other dairy products in addition to meat or meat based food. 

People on a vegan diet can happily consume cranberry sauce as it’s completely plant based. 

Is There Too Much Sugar In Cranberry Sauce? 

Yes, cranberry sauce is high in sugar. A generous amount of sugar is added while boiling the cranberries to achieve the right sweetness. On average, a single serving of cranberry sauce contains almost 22 grams of sugar which are equal to six teaspoons of sugar. 

If you are on a low sugar diet or if you have diabetes, it’s best to avoid cranberry sauce. But you can swap the sugar with maple syrup or other natural sweeteners to get the same taste while avoiding sugar. 

Which Brands Cranberry Sauce Is Gluten Free? 

I understand that making cranberry sauce every time may not be possible. Grabbing a bottle of the ready made sauce reduces the hassle while it is less time consuming as well. 

Which Brands Cranberry Sauce Is Gluten Free

I have listed these gluten-free cranberry sauce brands that are safe for people with gluten allergies to ease your search. Let’s have a brief look at these- 

Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce is made from cranberries, water, corn syrup, and high fructose corn syrup. The sauce is not only gluten free but also fat free and cholesterol free.  

In addition to being gluten free low carb cranberry has no added sugar and no artificial sweetener. Gluten sensitive people can have this sauce without worrying about side effects, and this one is diabetic friendly too. 

  • Wild Harvest Cranberry Sauce 

Wild Harvest’s organic jellied cranberry sauce is labeled gluten free. The sauce is made with fresh strawberries, water, and corn syrup. 

Gluten Free Recipes With Cranberry Sauce: Delicious and Comforting 

Gluten Free Recipes With Cranberry Sauce

If you love trying your hands on new recipes as I do, you would love this gluten free cranberry sauce recipe I am about to share. It’s pretty simple to make, but the taste and texture are just heavenly. Here is what you need and how you can make it- 


Homemade Cranberry Sauce Recipe for Thanksgiving | Gluten Free, Dairy Free | gf explorers
  • 3 cups fresh or frozen cranberries 
  • 1 cup water 
  • 1 cup sugar 


Step one

Take water and sugar to medium heat in a pan and boil until the sugar dissolves. 

Step two 

Now add the cranberries, reduce the heat to let the cranberries simmer. Let it simmer until the cranberry skin starts to pop and the consistency thickens while stirring occasionally. This should take about ten minutes. 

Turn off the gas and let the sauce rest for a while. You can strain the sauce or have it as it is. Store in glass jars and keep in the refrigerator.   


All celiacs out there can consume cranberry sauce because there is no wheat in it. If you’re making the sauce at home, there are no external sources to add gluten to the recipe. For ready made ones, check the gluten free label. 

Make sure to check out the gluten free cranberry recipe I shared to make this delicious sauce in your home kitchen. 


Are dried cranberries gluten free?

Yes, dried cranberries are gluten free. Cranberries aren’t a gluten grain, so there are no chances of them having gluten. 

Is canned cranberry sauce gluten free? 

All canned cranberry sauces aren’t gluten free. Although the recipe may not have gluten, it may have the chance of cross-contamination. 

Is cranberry sauce vegan? 

Yes, cranberry sauce is vegan. It’s made using all plant based ingredients like water, sugar, and fresh cranberries. 

Is Ocean Spray cranberry sauce safe for celiacs? 

Yes, Ocean Spray cranberry sauce is safe for celiacs. The makers have declared that their sauces have no gluten abstracts and hence are absolutely safe. 

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