Is Crabbies Ginger Beer Gluten Free? We Know The Truth 

Is Crabbies Ginger Beer Gluten Free

Crabbies Ginger Beer is a great party starter; everybody seems to rave about its great taste. But you not have gotten the chance to taste it, fearing a gluten allergy. If you were wondering if Crabbies Ginger Beer is gluten free or not, you are about to know the truth. 

The answer to if Crabbies Ginger Beer is gluten free or not is both yes and no. The makers have stated that Crabbies available in the UK and Europe are gluten free, but in other countries, they may not be gluten free. 

You might have a couple of questions lined up as to why Crabbies sold outside these countries are not gluten free. Why the makers don’t follow the same recipe and more, hold on! I’ll answer all these questions in a while, so if you don’t want to miss the truth, continue reading. 

Is Crabbies Ginger Beer Gluten Free? 

Is Crabbies Ginger Beer have Gluten

Crabbies was sold initially in the UK and other European states, where the drink is made completely gluten free. Apart from ginger, they use some other ingredients that the makers prefer to keep secret. 

But they have ensured that there are no harmful ingredients like wheat, barley, rye, etc., in the beer, which may induce gluten allergy. So Crabbies Ginger Beer is gluten free as long as you purchase it from the UK makers. 

But recently, Crabbies Ginger Beer has been introduced to the United States, where the drink is not gluten free. The Crabbies Ginger Beer sold in the United States is a malt beer made from barley. 

Barley is one of the prime gluten ingredients and is not safe for celiac consumption. Therefore, if you are gluten sensitive and see Crabbies Ginger Beer in the States markets, turn your head and look for other gluten free ginger beers. 

But UK residents can enjoy the original Crabbies Ginger Beer and all other flavors without fearing gluten side effects like nausea, vomiting, headache, skin rashes, etc. Also, you need to know Is Sambuca Gluten Free if you drinking.

How Is Crabbies Beer Made? 

How Is Crabbies Beer Made

As you are already familiar with, ginger is the primary ingredient in Crabbies Ginger Beer. The manufacturers say that it is the most essential element of their beer, just like how grapes are important to winemakers. 

The ginger used in Crabbies is mainly imported from India, and they say that if they had imported it from somewhere else, it would not have tested the same. 

In the first process, the ginger is soaked in the alcohol for six weeks to infuse the alcohol with a strong ginger flavor. After that, the drink undergoes a filtration process to eliminate any heavy substance. 

Then the liquid is kept in a high-security department where the drink is reduced to bottling proof state, and at this stage, four secret ingredients are added to the drink, which the makers have not revealed yet. 

After these four ingredients are added, the drink gets ready for bottling and for consumers. 

Is Crabbies Beer Vegan? 

Is Crabbies Beer Vegan

Crabbies beers are not suitable for vegans. Manufacturers use Fining Agent Fish (ISINGLASS) during the filtration process, making it non-vegan-friendly. Crabbies Ginger Beer is also not suitable for vegetarians for the same reason. 

Check Out This List Of Gluten Free Beers 

List Of Gluten Free Beers

Most people know beer as a malted beverage and are not aware that some gluten beers are also available in the market. These beers are made without wheat or barley malt and are safe for even celiacs. Mentioned below are some of the gluten free beers gluten allergic people can consume safely- 

Rustic Badger Belgian Ale

Rustic Badger Belgian beers are made with 100% gluten free ingredients and in a gluten free distillery. Rice, sorghum, and millet are the base ingredients in Rustic beers, which are safe for celiac consumption.

Felix Pilsner

Felix Pilsner is another gluten free beer made without wheat or barley. The grains used for making Felix Pilsner are- buckwheat, sorghum, and rice. Other ingredients used in the beer are honey, hops, spices, and yeast, all of which are gluten free. 

Bard’s Gold Ledger

No barley or wheat is used in making Bard’s Gold Ledger; hence, the alcohol is safe for people with gluten allergies. Like the above two beers, Bard’s Gold Ledger is also made with sorghum, and the other ingredients are hops, water, and yeast. 

Try These Gluten Free Cocktail Recipes With Crabbies Ginger Beer At Your Home 

Crabbies are a fantastic ingredient to make your cocktails more interesting. Here are two of my favorite ones, so let’s have a look at these- 

#1. Crabbies Ginger & Raspberry Cooler 


  • 1 bottle Crabbies Raspberry 
  • 4 tbsp granulated sugar 
  • 2 measures gin 
  • 2 lime juice 
  • Ice cubes 
  • A few frozen raspberries 


Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour the drink into a cocktail glass and garnish with mint leaves. 

#2. Ginger Apple Sour

Ginger Apple Sour


  • 75 ml Original Crabbies Ginger Beer 
  • 50 ml apple jack whiskey 
  • 20 ml lemon juice 
  • 15 ml egg white 
  • 10 ml maple syrup 
  • Thyme sprig and apple slices to garnish 


Add all the ingredients in a cocktail, share with ice cubes except the Crabbies Ginger beer and shake well. Pour ginger beer in a jar and the mixed liqueurs and garnish with thyme and apple slices. 


UK people, now that you know Crabbies Ginger Beer is gluten free in your country, you can now grab a bottle and enjoy sipping some. Is there anything more you want to know about Crabbies Ginger Beer? Let us know in the comments. 

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Is Crabbies Ginger Beer Gluten Free In The UK? 

Yes, Crabbies Ginger Beer is gluten free in the UK, but it’s not free of gluten in the United States. 

Are All Ginger Beers Gluten Free? 

No, all ginger beers may not be gluten free. Some contain barley or wheat, so consumers should check the ingredient label first. 

Can Celiacs Drink Crabbies? 

Celiacs can drink Crabbies that are made in the UK. But it would be best to consult your health expert before consuming them. 

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