Is Cool Whip Gluten Free?

Is Cool Whip Gluten Free

Whipped cream goes well on top of almost everything. But it can be quite a pain to make it. That’s why Kraft Heinz has come up with Cool Whip – to make desserts, coffee, and all that you can think of so much more delicious and creamy in a convenient way! But is Cool Whip gluten free?

Cool Whip is dairy-based, with sweetening agents and additives for flavor and texture. Its ingredients are non-gluten, making Cool Whip safe, though it is not certified “gluten free.” Plus, Kraft Heinz keeps its facilities clean to minimize cross-contamination. 

Should you trust Kraft Heinz and Cool Whip and add them to your diet? Or should you look for a replacement? Let’s find out all about Cool Whip and its place in a gluten free diet!

Is Cool Whip Gluten Free?

Cool Whip is a type of topping, much like whipped cream. It is often referred to as whipped topping. It is primarily dairy-based, with several other ingredients to enhance its taste, aroma, and texture. All these ingredients are naturally free from gluten, making Cool Whip gluten free. 

You may wonder if being naturally gluten free is sufficient for Cool Whip to be included in your diet. To answer that, we must tell you a little about the brand that manufactures the product – Kraft Heinz. This brand is meticulous about the health of gluten allergic people and celiac patients.   

Is Cool Whip Have Gluten

That is why it ensures that no gluten is hidden or goes unnoticed. If any of its products has a gluten ingredient, it will always be mentioned on the label. It also ensures that the manufacturing and processing units are clean enough to eliminate the possibilities of cross-contamination due to direct contact with gluten ingredients. 

Then why are such non-gluten items by Kraft Heinz not certified as gluten free? That’s simply because the brand has not applied for the certification for all its products or undergone the necessary tests. Cool Whip is one such product that isn’t labeled gluten free. 

That’s not because the product may have trace gluten but because it has not undergone the tests required to earn the certification and the right to flaunt the “gluten free” label on the package. The certification process can be pretty expensive, and many brands avoid it. Getting its wide range of products certified for big brands like Kraft Heinz can cost a fortune. 

But that doesn’t mean its non-certified products like Cool Whip are unsafe. These products are naturally free from gluten and made and processed in a safe environment. Kraft Heinz is one of the brands celiac patients trust due to the clarity it maintains regarding gluten sources and the care it takes to make its products safe for those who are medically required to avoid gluten.   

Cool Whip has been tried and tested by people with severe gluten intolerance and is considered safe. Of course, if you want to be extra careful, you can try a small amount of it to monitor how your body reacts to it. This product is generally safe and will likely not trigger allergic reactions.      

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What is Cool Whip Exactly?

What is Cool Whip Exactly

Cool Whip is a popular topping on desserts and drinks. Some people love to use it to make creamy dessert-like salads. This product is marketed as “whipped topping” and is a popular and more convenient substitute for whipped cream. That’s because it’s much easier to use – with no muscle power or time required to turn cream into a fluffy topping.

The original recipe of Cool Whip did not have any original milk or cream. But it was later reformulated to include some light cream besides other ingredients. It also has two other low-fat versions, Lite and Free. Eventually, the Cool Whip range expanded to include sugar-free and extra creamy versions, as well as seasonal flavor options. 

Is Cool Whip Healthy?

Cool Whip may be delicious and gluten free, but is it completely healthy? Let’s take the traditional recipe into consideration. A serving of 2 tbsp is loaded with 25 calories, most of which is from fat. The product contains just a dash of skim milk, which means you won’t derive any milky goodness from it. 

It has corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, vegetable oil, and other ingredients. Together, Cool Whip is full of sugar and fat, along with added colors and flavors. The combination cannot be healthy. You can get other low-fat and low-sugar variants, but they still contain artificial ingredients. 

But you need to understand that the Cool Whip is formulated to hold its “whipped” state during usage, storage, and freezing. In order to cut out the time-consuming and energy-burning whipping action, the formulation of such a whipped topping is bound to include a few synthetic ingredients. 

Cool Whip vs. Whipped Cream – What is the difference?

Cool Whip vs. Whipped Cream

Whipped cream is a light and fluffy topping that can make anything better. Desserts, fruit salads, coffee, milkshakes – everything becomes better with whipped cream. It is made using heavy cream that needs to be beaten or whisked to incorporate air into the cream until a light, stiff colloid is formed. 

Whipped cream is mainly used in sweet-tasting dishes. Usually, sugar is added to the cream at the time of whipping because sugar helps to make it thick and stable. The process of whipping or whisking can be done manually using a beater. But that will take time and leave your arms aching. 

The only other way out is an electronic mixer, be it a hand beater or a stand whisker. Both of them can save your time and energy. But they are quite expensive, especially a stand mixer. That’s where Cool Whip comes into the scene to make life in the kitchen easier for you!

Cool Whip is a substitute for whipped cream as a topping, even though it hardly contains milk or cream. Due to the absence, it cannot be called whipped cream. But it is undoubtedly a delicious whipped topping. It can be a fluffy and creamy addition to any sweet dish you want. 

It’s a convenient option because it is formulated to have a perpetual whipped state that won’t disintegrate even if it is left unused, transported, frozen, or refrigerated. On the other hand, homemade whipped cream lasts for a day in the fridge, and with stabilizers, it will last for 3-4 days. 

However, aerosol cans of whipped cream can last for around 2-3 weeks. It is the only product that exceeds Cool Whip’s shelf life, which also lasts for 2 weeks in the fridge and up to 2 years in the freezer when unopened. Once opened, Cool Whip lasts for around 7-10 days in the refrigerator.       

Is Whipped Cream Gluten Free?

Is Whipped Cream Gluten Free

Whipped cream is made using heavy cream, which is a naturally gluten free dairy product. The most common ingredient that goes into whipped cream is sugar, which is also free from gluten. Thus, whipped cream is naturally gluten free and safe for people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. 

Sugar helps make whipped cream stiff. In addition, you can also add stabilizing agents to make it last longer. You can add cornstarch, Greek yogurt, milk powder, gelatin, etc., as a stabilizer. All of these are naturally gluten free ingredients, too, and will not make whipped cream unhealthy. 

The only reason for you to be careful about whipped cream is cross-contamination. In your home kitchen, you need to ensure that the cooking area and the utensils used are clean and not double-dipped. Also, choose ingredients that are fresh and do not present the risk of cross-contamination. 

If you’re going for store-bought whipped cream, you need to ensure that the ingredients used are gluten free. That’s because packaged whipped cream may contain additives that have gluten in them and have a higher risk of cross-contamination in the manufacturing and processing units.  

Gluten Free Cool Whip Substitute Brands

Being a celiac patient or gluten intolerant person will certainly make you wonder, “Is Cool Whip gluten free?” You have the answer to your question – and now you know that the product is safe for you. However, there are other gluten free alternatives to Cool Whip, as well. Take a look at the list below – 

a) So Delicious Cocowhip

So Delicious Cocowhip has a certified gluten free whipped cream frosting. It is similar in taste and texture to the original version. This product is also vegan. 2 tbsp of this whipped cream has 30 calories.

b) Trader Joe’s Sweet Rose Coconut Whipped Topping

Sweet Rose Coconut Whipped Topping by Trader Joe’s proudly flaunts that it is gluten free right on the container. It is also a vegan item. It adds an exotic touch of rose and coconut to any food item. 

c) Truwhip 

Another popular and delicious alternative to Cool Whip is Truwhip, a whipped topping that proudly marks itself gluten free on the package. It will also smoothly fit into your vegan diet.

d) Betty Crocker Gluten Free Whipped Cream Frosting

Betty Crocker offers a range of gluten free whipped cream frosting options in various flavors like lemon, butter cream, cream cheese, chocolate, etc. All you need is to stir the product 20 times! 

e) Natrel Island Farm Aerosol Whipped Cream 

Island Farm Aerosol Whipped Cream by Natrel is not a certified gluten free option, but it is made from naturally gluten free ingredients. You’ll consume 20 calories in 2 tbsp of this cream-based product.

Final Words

Cool Whip by Kraft Heinz is a popular addition to cakes, waffles, fruit salads, milkshakes, coffee, etc. It is a sweet and hassle-free frosting. But is Cool Whip gluten free? Thankfully, it is a safe product, thanks to the brand’s dedication to maintaining clarity and cleanliness. You can also go for gluten free alternatives available easily. 


Q. Is Cool Whip certified gluten free?

Cool Whip is not certified gluten free. However, it is made using gluten free ingredients, and the facilities where it is made and processed are also clean and safe. Its manufacturer, Kraft Heinz, is particular about revealing possibilities of gluten content in its products and is trusted by celiac patients.

Q. Does whipped cream have gluten?

The base ingredient of whipped cream is heavy cream. It contains sugar as a sweetener and texturizer. It may also have stabilizing agents like cornstarch, milk powder, gelatin, Greek yogurt, etc. All these ingredients are free from gluten, making whipped cream naturally gluten free. 

Q. What is a healthy alternative for Cool Whip?

If you’re looking to replace Cool Whip with a healthier alternative, you can go for whipped cream options like Cocowhip, Truwhip, Sweet Rose Coconut Whipped Topping, etc. If you want to go even more nutritious, you can use coconut cream or heavy cream and make whipped cream at home. 

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